Origin Story

Hikingtrainingsolutions.com was born during the Coronavirus pandemic era.  The fun I was having while crafting training programs for travelers thru FitForTrips.com went dormant.  Most adventure travelers had either cancelled their trips or pushed them into 2021. Gyms were shut down and The National Park system and state parks had closed or minimized public access.  Everyone was relegated to their homes and walks in the neighborhood.  

So, what was I to do?  I'm driven to help people train for adventures that were so important to their life and well-being.

That's when I decided that no matter what, the ambitions of all hikers including myself were to be stifled no more.  And that is why I started hikingtrainingslutions.com. Regardless of whether the world shuts down, hikers will have the tools and support they needed for home training.  

Now you have a consolidated space online to visit where we will support your desire to hike on any terrain with more durability, agility and strength.  

We look forward to helping you…

Marcus Shapiro